Project Description

Our Supported Living Program coordinates services with the supported person and his/her circle of support to enhance successful and long-term community living. Special attention and flexibility are given to our supported persons as they make key decisions regarding housing and daily activities such as menu selection, entertainment, and house guests.

Supported persons choose home location, furnishings, and decorations. They own or rent dwelling space and are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their home. Day-to-day operations of the home are controlled by the service recipient. They are also responsible for their own living expenses and have access to their own assets.

Our staff facilitates the living arrangements, protects our supported persons from abuse and/or neglect, and assists them with their individualized needs. In addition, our supported persons enrolled in Supported Living are provided with transportation assistance.

Each home has an assigned site manager who is directly responsible for staffing and operations of the particular living situation.